Sunday, November 12, 2006

Object Rexx 3.1.1 on the Apple Macintosh

After a few weeks of hard debugging Open Object Rexx on MacOSX is a reality. Tomorrow the CVS repository will be tagged with the release. Some very hard to track down bugs were quashed, while it also became clear that MacOSX's System V Shared Memory call, shmem, leaves something to be desired. More shared memory segments to be exact, because now, just like Postgres, Object Rexx requires you to edit etc/rc to put in some higher values.
While this is ok as a stopgap measure, it is not terribly elegant, and should be avoided by doing the memory management in another way. Another thing to do.

The irony here is that in order to have the programming language I like most running on the platform I like most, I have to do low level work in the language I like least of all, C++. Time we bootstrap the thing.

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