Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rexx Language Symposium 2010

It felt bad not to have a symposium in 2010 - so we had one. We started with a dinner where Michael Dag, Rony Flatscher, Eugene Pesin and Michiel van Hoorn joined me and Venetia. It took place in the Ysbreker and was very nice; burgers and beer for most of us.

Sunday there was a set of tutorials planned. After leaving the web conference option dangerously untested for many days, we have settled on webex which seems to work well.. Rony is in the middle of his talk, and the webex was joined, at various times, by Bruce Skelly, K.P. Kirchdoerffer, Chuck mcKinnis, Gil Barmwater, Kees Wiegel, Walter Pachl, Mark Miesfeld, Tom Maynard, Thomas Schneider, David Requena, Donna di Meo, David Ashley, Pam Taylor, Chip Davis and Mike Cowlishaw already.

More later.

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