Tuesday, May 24, 2005

GUI - thanks but no

I make GUIs, but I do not like them. I think assembler macros are still the best way to put parameters into a program or operating system. This is because the process is reproducible, you can check for errors before submitting them to a system in a much more structured fashion. It is much easier to make controlled procedures for promoting changes through environments to production systems this way (like you should and you know it).

Call me old fashioned, because I am. There must be an enormous waste of time and money going on because of pimply 'network administrators' (a job title we reserved for people knowledgeable in VTAM and the rest of SNA, and TCP/IP) type in different values in every pc they find and do not even write them down. Instead, everything that is of value should be in text format in version management. Disregard that at your own peril -- mess with GUI configuration dialogs and you could be out of a job somewhere in the future. JBoss uses XML configuration, and that is OK, we have them in SVN. Although XML is not made for people to read, it is the best alternative to date.

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