Friday, May 27, 2005

New network infra

I experienced stalls in dowloading since my ISP increased the bandwidth to 8 Mbit/s. This is fairly hard to diagnose, at least for me. Some testing exposed that when I power cycled my ATM modem and router, the connection picked up again, and combined with resumable downloads it was only a slight nuisance. Worse was, that my websites also lost connections when there was an outage of this kind. Because I only had this trouble when there were very fast downloads, I suspected the modem or the router. The 8-port ethernet switch is rather new compared to the other boxes, so I guessed that was not it, and neither was the old Airport. So today I started with phase one: I swapped out the Netgear RP114 for a Linksys Wireless DSL router, that also gives me IEEE 802.11G instead of B. Although the helpdesk said it was probably the Alcatel modem that could not keep up, I observed that when I only reset the modem it did not restore the connection. So if I, apart from the increased throughput I already have, experience one other stall, the Alcatel also goes. Although I probably should try to tweak it first into the Pro version, that seems to have better throughput if one may believe the rumours.

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