Thursday, June 23, 2005

Incorrectable improvements

The NetBeans story (about how it went from usable to bondage & discipline) goes further. After wasting an inordinate amount of time, we spent some more time at work, because just throwing away the NetBeans-generated GUI programs is not going to help anybody. So we got it to import the project. And the first thing it does is pop up a message box, suggesting to delete all the .class files because they are in the source path. WHY? It is correct they are there, we put them there after careful deliberation. We value a single classpath root. Some tools (even in the SDK) expect them there. It also makes for quick visual inspection of the generated classfile. But WTF should a tool care where I put what? We found the project properties. They were hidden behind a right click at a spot they did not used to be (and we never did need them, being able to mount the jars we needed). So now NetBeans also writes metadata all over the place, in places I need to find it to delete it again. Although we cannot drop it right away, we will be looking around. Or Coyote must be so brilliant, that I’ll be able to use it for ooRexx and NetRexx.

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