Sunday, April 08, 2007

ooRexx 3.1.2

Another year, another Rexx release. Busy with the preparations for 2 (two) presentations at the annual Rexx Language Association Symposium, this year in Tampa, Florida ( ).

The Mac builds of Open Object Rexx 3.1.2 are going smoothly, as is the testing, and the only lingering problem is that BSF4Rexx fails in an obscure way. Yesterday I added the -e switch to startup the interpreter with a command line script, this was needed in order to integrate ooRexx with the Automator application that is standard on MacOSX Tiger.

I also was experimenting with bridging Applescripts to ooRexx, and had some fun with the Skype API. Finally I can know who are my Friends with a simple API call.

The Automator is a very funny program, allowing you to piece together a workflow (of things to automate) using prefab blocks of functionality with pipes and filters, passing data either through stdin or using command line arguments. Very much like a space age version of VM Pipelines. Polishing in between stages can be done using scripts (be it shell, perl, php, python or ruby - and since yesterday also ooRexx). This is not yet in the release version, but if you really cannot wait, contact me with the react button.

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