Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PPC ooRexx

Safari is newer and better and finally supports the Google blogger control, so now I can write in bold and italic without switching to Firefox. The Intel port of ooRexx 3.1.2 is available some time already now; the PowerPC version is late due to the fact that I was not at home for more than two months now (and the PPC resides there).

3.2 has a new problem with BSF - we will be so happy when 4.0 comes out without shared memory for IPC and maybe the new Java 1.6 scripting support built in.


Zaaf said...

You could have typed <b>bold</b> for bold of course. I know, I did it. And if you use the webkit nightlies, you would have had the full blogger options already. ;-)

BTW Those webkit nightlies do not overwrite your webkit framework. The Safari 3.0 beta does. So that does influence your widgets and mail.app et cetera.

cosmosgrammaticus said...

If only I would have known - now we may question the wisdom of the people putting together the beta installer and not choosing the way the webkit nightlies. And yes, two of my widgets broke: Van Dale's Dutch Dictionary and Wikipedia.

OTOH, all banking software works now, so it is a keeper and I am not going to mess with the uninstaller - read up on it and decided potential harm is bigger.