Sunday, March 01, 2009

NetRexx and Open Object Rexx news

Just in time to announce two great developments in the world of Rexx: NetRexx is in the open source process within IBM, and Open Object Rexx 4.0.0 is scheduled to be released not long from now.

For NetRexx this is great news, because the JVM language that was ahead of its time should be able to keep up with new developments, at least annotations, and maybe some more dynamic behaviour than the JVM allowed some 12 years ago.

Open Object Rexx 4.0.0 will solve the long standing shared memory problem (by elimination of shared memory requirements). This is good news because it will make a proper install of ooRexx on the Mac a lot easier. There is a nagging problem with the reading of shell input that needs debugging.

I also have a problem with the 64 bit PPC build: now the 64 bit Rexx interpreter is finally here, my G5 is no more. It fell over after I came back from the US last year, with unclear freezes probably caused by the aging water cooling. Now there is an eight core Xeon MacPro, but that is only good for an Intel 64 bit compile - unless I find how to do a cross compile.

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Zaaf said...

Great news for NetRexx. Let's hope it can now become acquainted with all the new features from java 1.5+.

@PPC-64. Sorry, can't help you there either. I'm completely intel here at home. And your old G4 is both at my in-laws and 32 bit.


(btw good to notice you're back into blogging)